Our farm is born of the belief that shipping product halfway across the country is not only environmentally counter-productive and inefficient but greatly affects the nutritional value and quality of the end product. There's a lot of talk about clean eating, well, we mean it.  It's important to us that the produce we put into our bodies is clean and fresh. That means growing it locally.


We called it “Three Forks” because through our three unique backgrounds we deploy a three-pronged attack on everything that is wrong with traditional agriculture:

Building a Sustainable World
With our strong background in sustainability and renewable energy, we have made it our life’s work to be at the forefront of sustainable technologies such as solar energy and hydroponic solutions. Deploying these ideas and technologies to create a better solution to current world problems like energy, and now… food.
With extensive experience in developing construction projects that solve these problems, we continue to develop onsite experience to build and develop our physical farms.
Recycle & Re-Use
With experience in advanced Horticulture and large-scale Recycling Enterprises, our team have the expertise and passion for creating quality produce that is pesticide and chemical free, and that can meet the quality standards and goals of the world's evolving and growing population.  Our scientific understanding and experience helps us apply practical solutions can be applied rapidly on site, improving the day to day operations of our farms.
Manufacturing Health
We believe our knowledge and expertise in Information Systems, Technology, Food Manufacturing and Food Retail, helps us be at the forefront of using data science to grow more efficiently, harvest after harvest.  Making certain that all our facilities have the highest levels of Food Safety Certification and best manufacturing practices in the industry.  Deploying technology to allow data to drive our innovation as well as maintaining food safety and quality.   Our collective experience in the Retail category transfers well into the current sales and distribution models we have for all our farms.