Chef Cesare de Chellis uses Three Forks Local Greens

Three Forks Local Greens work closely with local chefs such as Chef Cesare de Chellis from B2 Bistro & Bar in Redbank, NJ to develop optimal flavor profiles for the greens and transform restaurant plates.  We love working with Chef Cesare because he takes the working relationship very seriously, intuitively guiding our hand in growing the best greens that represent the best seasonal characteristics matching the flavors on his plates.

We pass this knowledge onto the consumer – through selling our fresh product at local Sickle's Market – offering something unique to the produce on shelves.

Three Forks Local Greens is an vertical urban farm, growing fresh, pesticide-free and local produce for chefs, local markets and consumers.

Learn more about Chef Cesare de Chellis – or as we call him "Chez" – by jumping to his instagram.